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Meet the Staff of Rogue Auto

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Jared Jerrolds - Owner-Operator

601-506-1303 - jjerrolds1303@gmail.com

With 13 years of experience in the car business Jared has dedicated himself to giving amazing customer service. Having a background in the service industry he engages with people and keeps a service oriented mentality to his sales process. Learning everything from the ground up at only one other car dealership, Jared knows how to approach even the most complicated of deals and still keep the buying process quick and easy.  Being versed in inventory management, a strong background in the finance department and overall management experience of the areas largest independent dealership for more than 12 years he has the knowhow to provide a effective and comfortable buying/shopping experience. You will enjoy working with one person from start to finish when you buy your next vehicle from Rogue Auto. Being from a new generation in the automotive industry he keeps to a honest and forward approach to working with prospective buys to ensure that the customer has all the tools needed to make a well informed buying decision. Florence is not only the location of Rogue Auto but, it is also Jared's home town. He looks forward to seeing his customers and their families at church or the local grocery store.   

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