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About Rogue Auto

Welcome to Rogue Auto. Be sure to visit our virtual showroom of inventory available for purchase. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle, a picture gallery, as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. We are located at 4018 HWY 49 S, Florence, MS 39073  and are available by office phone 601-845-3078 and/or Cell at 601-506-1303 . You can also get driving directions and hours of service from our user friendly website. We currently do not have finance options available in house but we work closely with personal banks and credit unions to make for a quick and easy purchase. Rogue Auto has also added a complete List of Automotive Detail Services:

Detail Menu: Standard Detail: $100

Exterior: Not your normal car wash!! We use commercial chemicals to clean the mold,

grit and grime off the body of your vehicle, wheels, tires and glass. Hand wash and dried

to keep water spots from forming.

Interior: Get the dirt out of your ride! We vacuum the carpet, floor mats and other areas

to rid your vehicle of loose dirt and debris. The interior then gets a wipe down so that

your interior is fresh everywhere including the door jams. Windows are cleaned inside

and out for the final touch!

Detail Menu: Intermediate Detail: $150 (The detail upgrade worth every penny!)

Interior: We take the Standard Interior Detail to the next level! Everything in the Basic

Detail is included but we get that interior a deeper clean. Deeper cleaning of the seats,

console, panels and carpet by scrubbing the dirt out of the texture of the material for

like new finish.

Detail Menu: Deluxe Detail: $200-225 (You will be thoroughly impressed!!)

Exterior: Intermediate Detail to the pro level by getting those tedious hard to get spots

around emblems, grill, exhaust tips, wheel wells and deeper wheel cleaning. The wash is

also enhanced by adding professional grade chemicals to bring the shine back to the

exterior of your vehicle.

We also jump under the hood and clean the motor bay and

trim. All the pine straw, leaves and acorns are removed from under the hood along with

dirt and road debris.

Interior: Level Up Detail to restoration quality!! Everything gets scrubbed!! All those

little pockets, cracks, seams and crevasses are made void of the years of dirt, grime,

coffee, soda or whatever you may have accumulated over the years. Stain removal to

the seats, carpet and headliner. Shampooing and finishing touches are vamped up to

help preserve your interior.

Gloss enhancement is also added to the exterior. This helps restore your vehicles luster

and removes light scratches from the exterior of your vehicle and brings the shine back.

This step is followed up with a wax sealant to hold that wet shiny finish!

Add any of these products to our detail packages to enhance the detail to your vehicle!

Clay Bar- $25

Clay baring the body of your vehicle helps to remove impurities that vehicles gather

over time. This enhances how well your vehicle holds the results of wax and cut/buff.

Hard Water Spot Removal- $50

We have all had the water spots and rain etching on our window... this completely

removes those hard to remove spots and helps with the clarity of your glass and how it

repels water.

Under Carriage Cleaning- $75

We use chemicals and a pressure washer to clean the grime, dirt and mud from the

underside of your vehicle.

Total Under Carriage Care- $150-300

We take the under carriage cleaning to the next level by adding a product to coat and

protect your undercarriage. Rubberized, enamel, gloss, semi-gloss and more. There are

different products and levels that this service can be done!

Headlight Restore- $65

Headlights get cloudy and oxidize over time. This service removes the haze off your

headlights and helps with the effectiveness of your headlights at night increasing your


Paint Touch Up- $50-75

We order paint that is specifically made to match the paint code of your vehicle for best

results. The paint is applied and dried so that it lasts making the area less noticeable.

(couple this with paint correction or cut/buff for amazing results)

Engine Bay Cleaning- $50

Under the hood and clean the motor bay and the trim under your windshield that

collects leaves and other debris. All the pine straw, leaves and acorns are removed from

under the hood along with dirt and road debris.

Paint Correction- $ (come in for a quote!!)

This is a process that is as deep as it gets to restoring your vehicles paint. We have the

experience to take various scratches out of your vehicle using buffers, polishers and wet

sanding methods to your paint. Price depends on size and condition of your vehicle.

Gloss Enhancement- $50-75

This is like wax but on steroids! This process is done by applying a gloss enhancement by

a polisher to enhance your vehicles luster and remove very minor scratches.

Black Plastic Restoration- $30-50

Take those chalky exterior plastic parts and recondition them back to a deep black


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